Forum Opening Party! (And Ideas for the future)

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Forum Opening Party! (And Ideas for the future)

Post by Admin Alto on Sat Sep 03, 2016 6:12 am

So I've been thinking of making this forum for a while. It's taken a few weeks but I eventually compiled enough stuff to open it! So hopefully we can get a small Stella Glow community here ^^ I'd love to hear your guys' thoughts and opinions on the game and interesting guides/tier lists/other things you guys want to post about stella glow! I've been planning out quite a few things here, and I'm probably going to update this forum regularly, and if it grows big enough (who knows xP) then I'll expand into discord so we can have a more regular Stella Glow group! Now I'm only one person working on this ^^;; so don't expect TOO much. But if you have ideas or want to help me implement things, then please contact me on gmail or Skype! I'd LOVE to help expand this forum into a community for fellow Stella Glow players like me!
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